Free Transfers - Players for the Lower Leagues

Lots of lists for players are for professional and higher league teams. Here is a list of players that will sign for Blue Square Premier sides and some, part/time deals for Blue Square North/South. This list was with the French league selected and thus is French heavy.

Easily the best of this list is striker Ahmed Soukouna who I signed in a Luton game. He scored 48 goals in 40 games and the next season the board sold him to Bordeaux for £3.5million - DEAL.


Yoann Djidonou GK 24  
Vincent Degre GK 21
Liam O'Brien GK 18
Sam Pearce GK 24
Adam Street GK 19

Full/Wing Backs

Anicet Adjamossi D/WB/M L 26  
Richmond Forson D/WB/M L 30
Ben Hoskin D R 19
Danny Hutchins D R 20
Jake Inglis DL / MC /AM L 20
Darren Lough D L 20
Willie McLachlan D/WB/M R 21

Centre Backs

James Chalk D C 18
Mark Elenge D C 16
Laurance Gaughan D C 20
Ryan O'Leary D C 22
Oliver Nicholas D C 18
Mustapha Traoré D C 28      
Joshua Vermooten D C DM 22
Andrew Walker D C 28
Abubakari Yakubu D CR/WB R/DM/MC 28
Albert -Michael Yobo D C 31    

Central Midfielders

Greg Cameron DM/M C 22
Karim Chatilla DM/M C 23    
Ali Fuseini DM/M C 21
King Gyan DM/M C 21
Chris James M RLC / AM C 23  
Arassen Ragaven M C 23
Tony Rajaonarivo AM C 21
Ibrahim Sissoko M C 21    

Wide Midfielders

Tom Brighton M/AM L  ST 26
Ismaël Fofanal M/AM L  ST 20  
Peggy Lokando M/AM RC 20
Andrew Milne M/AM RC ST 18
Shiva-Star N'Zigou AM R ST 26
Pablo Navas M/AM L 18
Gaël Nlundulu AM R ST 18
Abdeltarek Sakali M/AM R 24
Devann Yao M/AM RL 20


Benedict Akwuegbu ST 35  
Mickael Antoine-Curier ST 27
Fabien Brandy ST 21
Declan Bunting ST 19
Lacine Cherif M/AM C ST 19
Dali Gomes ST 21
Tim Hopkinson ST 20
Omar Koroma ST 20
Njazi Kuqi ST 27
Aassane Mendy ST 20  
Ahmed Soukouna AM R ST 20  


Anonymous said...

This has been so helpful thank you! I also read about your journey with Blyth and its brilliant! Im a Southampton Fan living in Winchester south England and i have just started a season with Eastleigh as they are the most low league, local team to me that you can be on the game! Im definately using the free transfers post many thanks

Olly Hunter said...


I will be posting very soon a list of amateurs from the french leagues who will also join a BSP or BS N/S club.
In the mean time have a look at my Blyth posts and see the amateurs I've brought in, they are of great quality and if over 23 cost nothing.

Good luck with Eastleigh and let me know how you get on.

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