Athletic Bilbao - A tough challenge

FM Obsessive is back! After a blogging sabbatical (Dissertation, Brazil, University) I am ready to report on my gaming since the magnificent Football Manager 2012 came out.
Since my (slight) obsession with all thing Euskadi (Basque) since creating a Basque league for FM 2011, I decided to take over Athletic Club Bilbao; a club within the autonomous community of the Basque Country and proud of it. So proud indeed that it imposes a strict transfer policy - only players with Basque can be bought by the club. Athletic can buy and sign Spanish youth players that don't have Basque as a second nationality up until their 17th birthday.

So as you can see, it is a tough challenge, breaking into the top two in Spain with a team limited as such!

What will you do when you first get FM12? - My checklist

Less than a week and counting the days until FM12 is released! But what will you do first? Here's a list of the things I might do come midnight 21st October!


I love the editor, and to make my game as realistic as possible, I might load up the editor (and latest patch), make some essential changes to player and staff movements that the game might not have. I also like to do some housekeeping when it comes to club and competition names. So I'll rename the essential competitions like The Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League and so on.

FM12 is almost here - New features

Less than a week to go for the most anticipated game of the year: Football Manager 2012 will be released next Friday 21st October. Shops will open at midnight to allow the fans to flock in and Steam will be inundated with potentially hundreds of thousands of downloads.

But will it be worth it? What really is different in this version of the BAFTA winning series compared to FM11? Will it just be an expensive transfers update?

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