Byth Spartans in the Blue Square Premier

The media haven't been kind in their prediction for Blyth Spartans in the Blue Square Premier.

But I'm a confident manager so when the board asked me about aspirations I chose promotion. I do believe we can go up again with the quality in the team but i also chose promotion as it gave me more to play with in the transfer and wages budgets.

 A new season and my ruthless tactic of out with old and in with the new means the axe has fallen on some of the stars that helped me with promotion last season. Older players like Raphael Nade, Armand Ossey and Mohamed Benyachou all went abroad earning me £16K. I'd also got rid of some fringe players that were just not developing as I'd hoped - Dali Gomez, Peggy Lokando and Declan McAvoy, to free up some wage space.

As usual I've been very busy in the transfer market, although it has been frustrating not being able to pick up many younger players released from the top divisions as Blyth's reputation is still very low.

I did sign some promising guys though, New Zealand International winger Andre Milner (Free Transfers post), Frankie Sutherland, former QPR youth and a reserve goalie Scott Bain. However,  I'm most excited about Kenny Adamson signed from Cowdenbeath who doubles as a left back and centre half.

Sending my scouts to France has proved an excellent way of picking up quality amateurs for free or cheaply in the past and it's been no different now, with 5 Frenchman (1 Bulgarian with French nationality) coming in to sure up the squad. With the money I received from the sales I could afford the £5K compensation charged for the two best players as they are under 24 years old.
Arnaud Anastassowa - The Bulgarian International is my greatest extravagance with wages of £450 pw but I believe he will be utterly worth it as it's invaluable to have an International player at this level who can bring experience and class to the team.

Pierrick Chaintreauil - 20 year old attacker with some encouraging striker attributes (finishing, heading, off the ball), I have high hopes for him in the future.

Finally, after arranging so many home fixtures with larger reputation teams to swell the bank budget (a great quick way of getting back into the black) I was expecting some hammerings but although it may not mean too much, Spartans continued their fine tradition of upsetting the professionals with a near perfect pre-season and scored wins over the likes of Burnley, Wolves and Bolton.


Consul said...

I've just started my own blog about my Lincoln City side on FM11. Thought you might be interested! You could always link to it from your blog too? I'll do the same when I get a spare minute to edit the layout!


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