Manegerial Career

I started my management career at the tender age of 8. The Soccer Game was my first foray into management, I moved on to Premiership Manager, Championship Manager and now Football Manager. Over the years I've had many clubs, not only in the UK but throughout the world! I've had varying success from winning the quadruple with Arsenal, to taking Windsor & Eton up the football league to the Premiership and saving Luton after a 30pt penalty.

click to enlarge There are some clubs missing from my CV, Man Utd - I just couldn't do it, I know they're the biggest club in the world but they're the most hated too, and I'm one of those who's not Sir Alex's biggest fan. Also Chelski, I have never been tempted by the lure of their money and my blue and white hooped blood runs thick through my veins - I would be betraying my heritage. I've also never liked Spurs despite my Dad supporting them. Sorry Dad.

I've also got exstensive experience all over Europe, and accross the world. Managing super-giants including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, both the Milan teams and the mighty FC Vaduz!

click to enlarge I've ventured into out into the world, managing Beckham in LA, Chief's and Pirate's in South Africa and Kingz and Pheonix in New Zealand. There isn't too much science in choosing teams from abroad, big ones like Flamengo, Boca and River, teams that play in other countries leagues like Wellington Phoenix (from NZ, play in Australia) and Toronto FC (Canada, plays in MLS) or a team my fiancée supports, Botafogo (Brazil). The things I do for Love!

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