About Me - Player in Football Manager

I am a player OF and IN Football Manager. Beneath is my player profile (with mugshot)!

As you can see I am 28 and currently without a club at the start of the game. I would be an excellent acquisition as my physical stats on the right show, although I am currently "severely lacking match fitness" this is very much a real stat like some others (jumping, long throws and tackling to name but a few). I'm a determined lad and have an eye for goal (13 out of 20 for finishing). I'm slight at 5'5 and just under 9 stone.

I'm English but am also eligible for Sri Lanka (my grandmother was born there) it looks like they have me in their national squad. I am also eligible for Scotland and Ireland through grandparents, however I will always regard myself as a proud Englishman. I have an affinity with Windsor & Eton FC as I was born just down the road in Ascot and spent part of my childhood in Windsor. The team I support is Queens Park Rangers. I would love one day to be snapped up by the SUPA HOOPS! My all time favourite players are Trevor 'The Bicycle Kick' Sinclair and Sir Les Ferdinand.

My football background is virtually non-existant, I had some limited success with a Sunday league team. Ster Century FC for a season, it then morphed into The Coachmakers Arms FC where I spent three glorious years warming the bench!

I'm a versatile player, happiest up front (poacher) but can play down the right and do a job on left wing, be warned though, my left foot is "very weak".

I never sign myself but do regularly check up on my progress. For some reason in most of my 2011 games I've been signed by Plymouth Argyle or Southampton.


Pat said...

How did you create a player version of yourself in FM 2011?

Olly Hunter said...

Pat, you go onto the editor and there is a tab to create your own player.

To add a picture use your individual code for yourself and create a config.xml file in you graphics folder associating your ID number with your pic.

Any probs let me know.

Pat said...

Ok, thanks :D

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