Football Manager Obsessive

My name is Olly Hunter, and I am addicted to Football Manager.

Alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin and to less destructive extent caffeine are all highly addictive substances. They attack your nervous system and in the end make the user reliant.

But what about things that are not drugs, can they be addictive? I’ve been told that the gym (I haven‘t tried this phenomenon), exercise, is extremely addictive.

In today’s modern world and the California body culture that “gymites” adhere to, concequently some people are addicted to the gym and then ultimately the endorphins that pumping iron produces.

Other people can be addicted to work or their career (again something I still haven’t tried). People throw themselves into work, not just for the money but out of pride in their work or it's because that's all they have. Addicted to a safe routine.

I always thought that I didn’t have an addictive trait in my personality, despite both parents smoking and a history of alcoholism on one side of the family and an ice cream obsession on the other.

I’m wrong though, I am addicted. It's an addiction that’s consuming my life and is called Football Manager.

Football Manager, a game where you command a real team, over a thousand to choose, from 50 countries around the world. This is the strange part for those not in the know, you don’t play the actual game yourself, you don’t even watch it. The game is tactics, stats and results, all in text apart from a few logos and pictures. I’ve had night long discussions just about the best players and tactics or the best bargain buys!

How can this be exciting or stimulating, let alone addictive? But it is, millions of people have been sucked in, assimilated, and if they’re anything like me, totally and utterly addicted.

Hours, days, nights, weeks can just pass and before you know it you haven’t eaten, slept or even moved from the computer.

So once again, in true AA style - My name is Olly Hunter and I am addicted to Football Manager.


FM_Newcastle said...

"This is the strange part for those not in the know, you don’t play the actual game yourself, you don’t even watch it."

Yes you do, its called the 3D Match Engine.

Mario Parada said...

I fell exactly the same like you. Wellcome to FMA (Football Manager addicted)! ;-)

Anonymous said...


If you remember Domark logo, and the 1 square foot box that contained a black cardboard CD case you don't watch it.

If you ever signed Chris Bart Williams or Roy Keane from Notts Forest you don't watch it.

If you remember CM Italia, and the other separate games you don't watch it.

If you remember needing 3 blank disks for the data update, you don't watch it.

If you've been playing for that long, you're a true addict. True addicts don't need to watch.

First thing to do, turn the advisor off. Secondly turn the 3d graphics off and set match speed to the max.

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