Blyth Spartans tactics analysis

After back to back promotions and 103 wins out of 143 games, I thought I'd divulge my tactics. I do leak goals but score plenty too and a 72% win ratio isn't too shabby.

4 2 2RL 2 basically employs the wingers and full backs bombing on to deliver balls to the far post for either the opposite winger or the striker.

I make sure my full backs are actually set as wing-backs, this, with using the shout instructions of either "Exploit The Flanks" or "Look For Overlap" is essential and ensures the full backs get more assists, higher ratings and thus higher confidence if it works.

I go out to win every game so it's not in my team's nature to time-waste until it's a goal in it and 10mins to go. I like attacking and the team to interchange positions so our philosophy is fluid. Closing down is set high, save for the wingers as they tire quicker than other players. My centre-backs have decent marking attributes so they're set for man marking.

The defensive line is relatively deep, this is because of my attacking style can lead to holes at the back and my centre-backs are not the quickest.
Configuring your set piece instructions, both in attack and defence is absolutely a must as, if you don't you, could miss out on a lot of goal scoring opportunities or concede from from the same type of set plays.

I like to get my players to whip the corners in at the near post, using a left footer on the right and vice-versa. At the near post is the tallest player with the best heading attribute. Hopefully he will either flick the ball on to cause disruption in the box, or score himself. Marking the keeper is my poaching striker with the best finishing ability to pounce on any flick-on or any loose ball. Attacking the near post is my second best headerer, this is to double the effectiveness of having in-swinging corners.

We see it each and every week, poor defending at corners. You MUST have your posts covered, otherwise opponents will exploit this gap, I use my wingers who have the worst marking attributes. The rest are all  man marking including the tallest striker, rather than using zonal. This is because many players don't have good enough positioning and concentration attributes to continiously employ zonal marking.

With attacking free kicks, again I like to whip the ball in and aiming for the centre where my two centre-backs and strikers are ready to nod or deflect it past the keeper.

Defending free kicks I need everyone back to negate any dangerous balls in by forming a proper wall (must be at least 4 players) and man marking any opposition players in the penalty area.

If you would like 4 2 2RL 2 please contact me and I'll gladly send you it!


MRDNRA said...

That formation is one of my favourites, although I don't have symettrical roles in central mid, I had advanced playmaker attacking and deep lying playmaker/ball winning midfielder as support or defense depending on opposition. Full backs on automatic duty.

On 2010 I have been able to manage 115 goals in one season with Celtic (with a lot of good signings made though), so, if it works as effectively in 2011, in a few seasons I could see you getting a lot of goals in championship and premier league.

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