Basque Leagues


After years of Spanish and French rule, the Basque people have finally won independence.

I have made the Basque Country playable - This database includes 90 clubs divided into 5 leagues of 18 each.
88 clubs from the Basque region of Spain (including Athletico Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Osasuna, Real Union, etc and all their reserve and youth teams) and two from the Basque territory in France (Bayonne & Genets Anglet). All the Spanish and French leagues have been adjusted accordingly to render them playable alongside the Basque leagues.

The Basque cup, super cup and awards are all added too.

Pays Basque can also take part in friendlies against the likes of England, Italy and arch rivals Spain. I also think once the Euro qualifiers are over, it will be drawn into the world cup qualifying groups.

Click here to download Pay Basque.dbc from Megaupload (It shows as as sortitoutsi automatically gave the file that name).

Or click here from FM-Base.

Just unzip and add the Pays Basque.dbc /Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/Editor Data. Load up and enjoy.

I've also added the basque flags as they aren't on the FM11 database. add them to
/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/Graphics/Flags


Anonymous said...

can remove 20 rules trained in basque?

John Meffen said...

Interesting, I have played it, is quite fun, but .... you missed a club.

You missed out Peña Sport Fútbol Club who are from Tafalla in Navarra [as are Osasuna]

But I hey, I am playing with Santurtzi because it was the first place in Spain/Euzkadi I ever went to [just off the ferry]


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