A new start, a new job, a new challenge

I have started a new career in FM11. It would've been far too obvious to go for the team I support, QPR or for a big team in a big league like Juve or Barca so after searching long and hard for an appropriate team I finally stumbled across the lowest tier of English football, the Blue Square leagues. Here I deliberated on which team to choose, it is difficult as I don't know much about any of these teams and I didn't want to go for clubs that had a high media prediction. Eventually my choice was based on a mid-table side with a nice badge - Blyth Spartans. Blyth is a town of 36,000 people 10 miles north of Newcastle in the North East of England.

Spartans play in the Blue Square North league, effectively the 6th tier of football in England. I will have a tough time this year as the media prediction for Blyth Spartans is 11th. Alfreton Town and AFC Telford are predicted 1st and 2nd respectively.

The sacking of former manager Mick Tait was a blow to Spartans, but I received a warm welcome and a good deal of £500 per week from Chairman Tony Platten. I am expected to finish at least mid-table and have been given no transfer budget and a poultry £4,100 per week for wages.

The team report is not encouraging despite what assistant manager Chris Swailes says. The squad is thin, relying too heavily on the U18s and there are a few players who need to be cleared out. I think I will be busy in the transfer market in the weeks to come. First job however, is to arrange a few high profile friendlies to bring in some extra funds. 

As assistant Chris Swailes says, my two best players are midfielder and new signing from Barnet, Nicky Deverdics. Deverdics on the face of it doesn't look like he is that great, however he does have a lot of 8s and 9s, which with training, time and good form can turn into 10s and 11s.

The other is Paul Brayson, a journeyman striker who is above 10 in almost all the right areas for an attacker. He has good physical attributes, a splattering of OK mental attributes but crucially 12 for finishing. Disappointingly though only 3 for heading, this will cause a problem as I do like playing with wingers who whip crosses in.


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